Man Taking Photos of His Daughters Suspected of Being a Pervert

The bullshit racist crap that's so commonplace will not end in my lifetime. Case in point, an article in the Washington Post described a typical summer scenario: Jeff Gates is taking photographs of his two teenage daughters on the Cape May ferry and a man, claiming to work for the Department of Homeland Security,… » 8/29/14 9:06pm Friday 9:06pm

Recline? Not Recline? Neither! Why Airlines Love Watching Us Fight

Arguing over whether or not passengers should recline their seats is like arguing with your doctor over which bandage to use because the same mugger keeps stabbing you on a weekly basis. Pointless! Airlines LOVE it when we argue because rather than take responsibility for a literally shrinking and crappy product,… » 8/27/14 8:04pm Wednesday 8:04pm