I can think of two male Hill reporters off the top of my head who get shit wrong all the fucking time. As in I've called up both their dumb asses to correct them like I'm a goddamn elementary school teacher. » 12/19/14 11:04pm Friday 11:04pm

This is the reason all my previous relationships split. I got so goddamn tired of putting in all the effort into meeting his friends, family, and coworkers only to watch him stare at a wall during a work outing of mine. » 12/17/14 9:01pm Wednesday 9:01pm

Seriously. Do they actually do that? I always assumed that it was constantly being brought up because women who are single and childless are losers while guys like George Clooney get away being a "youthful" bachelor or some shit. » 12/15/14 8:43pm 12/15/14 8:43pm

They are. I find it hard to believe that it's a freak occurrence that the majority of women in TV, music, and film just happened to all have the same body type. Back in the 70s, you could find magazine articles with models talking about how they subsisted on lettuce and a slice of brown bread for a day. » 12/15/14 7:26pm 12/15/14 7:26pm